[BitTorrent] Merkle, URLs, etc

Joseph Ashwood ashwood at msn.com
Tue Mar 8 20:50:04 EST 2005

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From: "Bill Cox" <bill at viasic.com>
Subject: Re: [BitTorrent] Merkle, URLs, etc

[Joe: Add new key to torrent]
> So, to be more exact, you'd add a new key to the .torrent files in the
> 'info' dictionary.

Not sure if it must go there, but generally yes.

> How about calling it 'hash_function'?

Seems perfectly reasonable.

> How about
> restricting legal values for now to "SHA-1", "SHA-256" or "SHA-512"?

I'd call them "supported" or "standard" values, but basically yeah.

> The nice thing about that is that we probably all already have SHA-1
> through SHA-512 linked into existing clients.  If there's a reason,
> Whirlpool, or any other function, could be added to the list later.

If not I have a SHA-256 and a SHA-512 implementation in C that are public 
domain (acquired from coderpunks list via anonymous remailer about 4 years 

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