[BitTorrent] addressing (was Merkle, URLs, etc)

Joseph Ashwood ashwood at msn.com
Fri Mar 4 19:12:03 EST 2005

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From: "Justin Cormack" <justin at street-vision.com>
Subject: [BitTorrent] addressing (was Merkle, URLs, etc)

>> Placing a piece of the tree in the open is difficult, the only thing that
>> can be dependably done (without completely monotonic serialization) is to
>> place the node in a pool of data. In a theoretical, but not practical 
>> sense
>> this can be used to build a pool of peers with data, even though they may
>> have no idea what to do with it except share. Realistically the 
>> usefulness
>> of this is that peer1 can feed peer2 pieces of the file that peer1 knows
>> peer2 will need (verified by descendancy from the internal/root node that
>> peer2 requested). This descendancy trait allows SIMD pipelining, that is,
>> one request results in multiple responses at the discretion of the 
>> serving
>> peer.
> Can you explain this a bit more, sorry.

Not a problem I wrote that at 4AM. What this means is that given two peers: 
peer1, peer2. When peer2 requests a node from peer1, peer1 can easily start 
feeding peer2 not just the node retrieved but the child nodes as well (hence 
the comparison to the Single-Instruction, Multiple-Data instructions). This 
does not waste bandwidth because peer1 is confident that peer2 has not 
requested these from another source, the reason: Until peer2 has the 
requested node, peer2 doesn't even know IF there are children let alone what 
they are. Making this completely at the discretion of peer1 allows peer1 to 
throttle appropriately. This also works when each node is identified by it's 
hash because peer2 can quickly determine if that node is already in its data 
pool, and throttle peer1 appropriately.

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