[bittorrent] Re: HAVE messages

Arnaud Legout Arnaud.Legout at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Jun 23 04:11:09 EDT 2005


David Mott wrote:

>When I get a chance I'll put a blurb into the WIKI spec so developers can
>reduce the unneeded HAVE messages (unless it's already there or someone
>beats me to it).
this problem has a lot of similarities with what we encountered in
One problem with Multi HAVE could be synchonization if you do not take
care of it.
The minimum to avoid it is to make use of a random timer.

Also, in case you want to trigger multi HAVE messages sending on request
(when you lack of pieces to download),
it could be a good idea to implement a suppression technique in order to
reduce the overhead. But, in this case,
you significantly change the information the rarest first algorithm is
working on.
I am not sure whether a 'basic' multi HAVE implementation would lead to
bad side effects.


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