[bittorrent] Open letter to the BBC

Elliott Mitchell ehem at m5p.com
Mon Jun 20 02:33:06 EDT 2005

>From: Konstantin 'Kosta' Welke <kosta at fillibach.de>
> >> previous post
> >> suggested to limit access to the BT trackers - it means proprietary BT  
> >> and proprietary BT client. Because if BBC lets Azureus clients to  
> >> connect
> > Flat wrong. There are plenty of ways to do this. The simplest is to
> > simply limit access to the .torrent file. Without the hashes, a client
> > cannot connect to the swarm (and you're not going to guess them).
> Chinese Wall.
> Now that would be great because just any BBC user could take that file
> and post it to a popular website.

True, but depending on the use, this could be sufficiently effective.

> > Further
> > the request URL can be one that has an embedded key, also easily allowing
> > the tracker to control access to the swarm.
> Okay, this one I dont understand.

Instead of having a static torrent with an announce URL of say
"http://www.example.com/tracker?", you have a dynamic .torrent file with
an announce URL of "http://www.example.com/tracker?key=<key>". The key
could a MAC of the client IP address (if the keyed hash doesn't match the
IP address, goodbye), perhaps a timestamp (new peers only given out for 4
hours after the .torrent fetch), or indeed any form of authentication.

> But:
> Isnt there something like a user/pass-extension for bt?

Perhaps you've thinking of HTTP user and password during the tracker
fetch? I'm unsure whether the baseline supports it, but certainly that
doesn't reinvent the wheel.

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