[bittorrent] Open letter to the BBC

Jeff Burdges weasel at havoc.gtf.org
Sun Jun 19 07:18:50 EDT 2005

This story is extremely good news:

The BitTorrent community should draft an open letter to the BBC 
encouraging them to use a BitTorrent derived protocol for content 
distribution.  Adoption of BitTorrent by the BBC would go a long way 
towards making BitTorrent immune to legal and commercial difficulties.  
Here is the model I would suggest for the BBC's adoption of BitTorrent:

1)  Rut a BitTorrent tracker.  Only the BBC may post content to the 
tracker (to avoid copyright issues).  However, anyone may request that 
past BBC content be reposted to the tracker (perhaps requiring a small 
2) Access to the tracker is restricted to those with British antenna 
3) Make british antenna licenses, or perhaps a reduced price version, 
available for purchase online to anyone in the world.
4) Consider making "good BitTorrent behavior" (seeding etc.) translate 
into a price reduction for your next antenna license.  Also consider 
making the price of antenna licenses depend on the block of IP 
addresses for which it should be valid, so you can make them cheaper in 
poor countries.

BitTorrent is perfect for a broadcaster such as the BBC, as periodic 
reseeding, is not too unlike periodic rebroadcasting.

The BBC may also want to provide an easier to use on demand download 
service, ass this would increase their availability to foreign schools. 
  We all agree that increasing U.S. school children's exposure to the 
BBC's view of things can only help the world, especially with Bush 
taking over PBS.  :)  Its true that providing more options will confuse 
matters, but having a BitTorrent option will have its own positive 
social impact, and will greatly reduce any growing pains in the 

Alright, this is not the open letter yet, but I think its a reasonable 
list of ideas with which to start drafting one.  We also need to 
discuss how to make sure it gets read by the right people.

Thank you,
Jeff Burdges

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