[bittorrent] a question on Random First Piece

Simon Spero ses at unc.edu
Thu Jun 9 10:57:15 EDT 2005

The sub-piece/block mechanism is *fatally* flawed;  you should never   
take *any* action based on a info in a partial block.
Unfortunately the flow-control algorithm means you have to use  
partial blocks for bandwidth calculations, but you shouldn't send out  
things to your peers until you've validated it.


On Jun 9, 2005, at 8:38 AM, Tom H. Lan wrote:

> Dear everyone,
> I have a question puzzle me a lot and I need your help.
> You see in BT that each file is chopped into different blocks and  
> then further chopped into pieces. Peers relay the blocks between  
> each other. I wonder whether block is the unit of the request. I  
> mean that whether it is possible that peers will relay the block  
> they are downloading which may have not been totally downloaded. If  
> yes, it seems to me that the conception of block is useless.
> And we know that a new peer who joins the BT networks will random  
> choose a block to download. Does it mean that it can only upload to  
> others when it finishes downloading the block.
> Thanks very much.
> Bests,
> Tom
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