[bittorrent] Should new protocols be discussed here?

Bill Cox bill at viasic.com
Sun Jul 17 00:29:40 EDT 2005


As you may have read already, I've got a basic BitTorrent file system
running.  However, doing things like running xine on a mounted DVD video
or xmms to play music from a torrent don't work so well.  I'd also like
to use this system with YUM.  The BitTorrent doesn't work very well for
these applications.

I'm starting some initial design work on a new p2p protocol, only
loosely based on BT, which hopefully could work well.  I think the
primary application will be streaming video, both TV broadcasts (where
lots of people watch at the same time), and video on demand (where each
person does their own thing).  I'm also thinking of adding features to
make the protocol better suited for legal delivery of copyrighted
material (such as fee-per-use VoD).  If the protocol works well, I
should be able to mount remote torrents as a file system, and then just
play videos, or use YUM or up2date to update my system as if the files
were already on my disk.

I suspect that any realistic discussions of such a protocol could
generate a lot of e-mails.

Is this the right place to have that discussion?  If so, I've got about
5 pages of introduction to the problems I'm interested in possibly
tackling, without even getting started on solutions...


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