[bittorrent] Choking based on network closeness?

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Mon Jul 11 16:28:44 EDT 2005

Justin Cormack wrote:

> It came up on the list before, and there were some uses for it. The
> main problem is that no one seems to have enough information to
> measure closeness, unless you actually work for a large ISP or run BGP.
> If some metric that could be made available to more developers could
> be found then some progress might be made...

And even then it's worthless.  Suppose peer A is right down the street
from me on the same ISP but has his upload throttled very low, and peer
B is thousands of miles away (lets say, Sweden, for the sake of
argument) with a fat pipe and generous limits.  In terms of what's best
for the host, it should choke peer A and reciprocate as much as possible
with B.  And the protocol already does this.  Any attempt to add some
kind of "hops away" or "geographical distance" metric is just going to
make things worse.  Just say no...


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