[bittorrent] Initial BitTorrent file sytem up and running (btmount)

Bill Cox bill at viasic.com
Sat Jul 9 06:19:51 EDT 2005


I've completed initial FUSE support into my BitTorrent client.  It
allows users to mount a .torrent file as a file system, and then cd into
it, cat/more/vi/cp files in it, etc.  Files are only downloaded when

It's only lightly tested, and clearly in alpha stage.  It's available at

It's kind of cool, but not hugely useful yet.  To become much more
useful, the BitTorrent protocol has to be extended/modified
significantly to allow it to work well with lots of often changing small
files, rather than a few static huge files.  This would allow programs
like YUM to work from torrents rather than FTP sites.  If I find the
time and motivation, I might work on such a project, but so far, there
hasn't been much demand from potential users...

I'll be out of town for all of next week, but I'll be able to offer any
needed support after that.


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