[BitTorrent] RFC: Creative Commons license for BitTorrent

John Reuning john at metalab.unc.edu
Sun Jan 23 19:56:36 EST 2005

There is much value in associating license information (not just
creative commons) and other types of metadata with torrent files. 
However, the role of BT applications is file transfer, and it seems like
the information contained in torrent files is specific to that role.  

Most tracker implementations have rudimentary means of finding files,
but more descriptive information would be useful.  To that end, ibiblio
has a project currently under development to merge metadata and BT. 
http://osprey.ibiblio.org  The goal is a web application that integrates
a BT tracker and a catalog-like metadata management system.  As the
basic descriptive elements, it uses OMF
(http://www.ibiblio.org/osrt/omf/), which is largely Dublin Core.  There
are places for title, description, license, and several other things. 
For an element such as license, Osprey will come with a list of open
source software, creative commons, etc. licenses from which to choose
when creating document records.

We plan to use Osprey to distribute a wide variety of content already
available via http & ftp.  A pilot site exists at



On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 21:40, antipast0 at yahoo.com wrote:
> Please see:
> http://writtorrent.sourceforge.net/2005/01/rfc-bittorrent-creative-commons.html
> In short, I am requesting all comments about this method.
> The purpose is to allow BitTorrent's meta data to also describe the
> Creative Commons license metadata of the content being transferred.
> The developer documentation also notes that this should happen along
> with Bram's consent so as to remain compatible.
> It has been my experience that most clients ignore the beconded
> dictionary items that they are not looking for, but please, Bram, if
> reading, let me know what you need, or a quick yay/nay just to let me
> know that this is okay.
> Please reply with any comments or corrections or flames. You can also
> reply on the page, or to me directly.

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