[BitTorrent] Tracker scrape extension proposal

Nick Johnson arachnid at notdot.net
Sun Jan 16 17:38:34 EST 2005

Olaf van der Spek wrote:

>Nick Johnson wrote:
>>On 13/01/2005, at 1:07 PM, Harold Feit - Depthstrike.com Administrator 
>>>If you're scraping for 100 torrents, you may be better off just
>>>getting the full scrape anyway. As wrong as the behavior appears for
>>>multiple info_hash values, the way that it is handled is fairly
>>>consistent across different archtypes of trackers (although is more
>>>dependent on the archtypes of programming styles). Additional
>>>trackers will be supporting this in the near future.
>>This isn't such a good idea when the tracker has literally thousands of 
>>torrents, though. I'd really like to see an extension that has at least 
>1000 torrents would result in 32 kb of 'real' info. That's assuming 
>bencoding overhead is compressed away.
>100 single-scrape requests/responses already use 50 kb (IP/TCP/HTTP 
>So a full-scrape might be the best option.
I've seen tracker scrape pages that are 3-4MB. When I want 100 hashes 
from the tracker, individual requests aren't particularaly efficient, 
but nor is fetching everything. I'd still rather fetch everything than 
hit the tracker with 100 HTTP requests, though. This is why I think it'd 
be useful to have a mechanism that:
1) Falls back to retrieving everything
2) Can be easily supported by any CGI system, rather than relying on 
specifying multiple values for a single variable, something PHP does not 
easily support.

-Nick Johnson

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