[BitTorrent] Tracker scrape extension proposal

Nick Johnson arachnid at notdot.net
Wed Jan 12 22:23:17 EST 2005

Harold Feit - Depthstrike.com Administrator wrote:

>Hash: SHA1
>Taking a look at the way get values are generated in cases of
>multiple paramaters of the same key typically overwrites the value in
>default configurations, preventing other values from being available.
>Other configurations only read the first value, not allowing access
>to those after it.
>Clients that don't support asking for multiple scrapes in the same
>request will only request 1 at a time, consistent with the way they
>have done in the past.
>For tracker-side development, I feel your suggestion of returning all
>torrents when processing multiple info_hash values isn't supported is
>quite damaging to the tracker (pointing back to your "thousands of
>torrents" tracker example). If you requested the scrape data for 5
>torrents and got 5000, you would be doing more damage to the tracker
>than getting 5 separate requests.
Then perhaps two mechanisms is better. At the moment, I'm requesting the 
full scrape for each tracker, because individual requests are usually 
inefficient. If I could specify a list of desired keys and have it give 
me them or everything, this would be an improvement in efficiency. The 
one that only wants 5 (but really, how often will that happen in 
reality?) can use the current mechanism.
As it stands, if I try and use the current system to request more than 
one hash, I'm quite likely to get a response with only one, wasting a 

-Nick Johnson

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