[BitTorrent] Re: Request for protocol extension: get_info/info messages

Bill Cox bill at viasic.com
Sat Jan 15 07:08:06 EST 2005

Hi, Iain.

I think it's worth adding simple extensions to help keep the ISPs happy.
The cache look-up is a little scary, but it could be an option that
users could turn off.  I know I'd keep that option on.

The get_info/info is a fairly simple handshake, though I don't like it's
having such a large load.  I'd prefer an incremental mechanism like the
piece_info/piece_correct handshake.  Anyone benefiting from the cache-
lookup extension would probably also support the related extension in
the peer protocol, so someone would be there to help authenticate pieces
as long as there was anyone interested in downloading from your cache.

Would this be a good point to introduce Merkle hash trees, or should we
wait for BT2?  The idea is that the get_info/info handshake would return
a Merkle hash root for the torrent, rather than the whole info blob.  It
would be a tiny message.  Then, we'd have a get_authentication_path /
authentication_path handshake to authenticate the piece data.  Only path
data up to a requested level in the tree would be returned.


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