[BitTorrent] An alternative "super-seed" mode

Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Sat Jan 29 14:18:24 EST 2005

The current "super-seed" proposal is described in 
http://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentSpecification and 

First, suppose that the seed is bandwidth "starved".

I wish to discuss an alternative implementation, more simple:

A "new age" Super-Seed node would behave like a usual seed, with a 
simple modification:

When you are going to send a new piece, choose the peer that LESS pieces 
had received in the last X minutes (X=5, for example). Not from you, but 
  from other peers.

The logic here is that the peers receiving more pieces from others, are 
the ones sending less data to the swarm.

An example:

Seed: 512Kbps upload.

3 peers with 512Kbps downloads and 128Kbps uploads (A, B, C)

Another peer with 512Kbps/512Kbps. (D)

First the seed send 128 Kbps to each A, B, C and D)

A, B, C, D sends 128 Kbps to the "swarm".

So, then each peer receives 128Kbps (from seed) + 128Kbps (from other 

A, B, C keeps sending 128 Kbps, but D sends 256 Kbps.

Then, A, B and C start reporting to the seed more pieces received than D.

So, the seeder -with my proposal- starts to priorize D.

I think this approach is far more simple than the super-seed original 
mode, and don't have the "perverse" effect of lying to peers. For 
example, restricting the pieces offered to them.

I would like to receive any feedback you can provide, before 
implementing the algorithm.

Thanks in advance.

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