[BitTorrent] Bittorrent and filesystem API / integration

Elliott Mitchell ehem at m5p.com
Tue Jan 11 18:05:45 EST 2005

>From: mmarkjan <markjan at xs4all.nl>
> So, I was thinking: would it be cool to find a filesystem and API,
> that is more advanced than the basic open/read/write/append/close
> behaviour we seen unchanged since the 70's ? 

Having been on a filesystem mailing list for a large period of time,
forget it. Filesystem API affects *everything*, changes *cannot* be made
lightly. I guarentee you won't get an FS change merely for the benefit of
_one_ program (they will laugh, rightfully).

You've got the wrong approach to this problem. You shouldn't change the
FS, but the way BT stores things. Explicitly store a bit of data about
the download status, instead of relying on the implicit "if the checksum
matches, it has been downloaded". No FS change needed. Ensure the status
data is updated correctly and you needn't ever check the entire thing
(unless you know something has gone wrong).

> - Integrity checks on chunks of a file, signatures of an application 
>   that has written part of a file, and kernel guarantees that only you 
>   have access to a file, until you 'unlock' the file for usage by other 
>   applications.

Sun's ZFS does checksums for its own purposes. These might help, but they
have to be the _right_ checksum for you to be able to take advantage of
it. You've also got to be using SunOS 5.10, and I suspect a lot of folks
here aren't, nor do they plan to do so.

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