[BitTorrent] ipv6

Justin Cormack justin at street-vision.com
Mon Jan 24 08:27:31 EST 2005

> Bill Cox wrote:
> >However, it would be fairly easy to have two returned keys:  peers, and
> >peers_ipv6.  I think that would solve the internet tracker problem.
> The bigger problem I encountered when I tried to make an
> IPv6 version of Bittorrent is that most trackers don't
> accept IPs provided by the peer and use the source IP which
> it also checked with the NAT check to verify that it is
> correct. With this it is not possible for a peer to tell the
> tracker it's IPv4 and IPv6 address. The IP the tracker
> returns to other peers would depend on the IP protocol that
> is used to talk to the tracker.

What does the NAT check do? Presumably it shouldnt be done for ipv6
as there is no NAT anyway...
> Additionally it would be better if the tracker would not
> know about IPv4 or IPv6 and just group addresses into
> categories which can be requested by the peer. Like this
> even an IPv4 only tracker can provide IPv6 addresses when
> the peer requests addresses from this category. The peers
> would tell the tracker for each address it sends to the
> tracker in which category it belongs.

This would have other advantages too: multihomed peers could give out
multiple IP addresses too.
> If you want to keep a NAT check to make sure that Bittorrent
> is not used to start DDoS attacks the actual NAT check would
> have to be done by the other peers. An IPv4 only tracker can
> not do NAT check for IPv6 clients. Only other IPv6 clients
> could provide this information to the tracker. My idea was
> to give each IP a trust value and when more peers report
> that they successfully connected to the IP the trust
> increases or decreases if the connection failed. The more
> trust a peer has the more often it is returned to other
> peers.

Not sure if the complexity of this is manageable.

> This would require an official extension of the tracker
> protocol. Otherwise i doubt that any other implementation of
> the tracker would implement it in the future.

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