[BitTorrent] Bittorrent and filesystem API / integration

mmarkjan markjan at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 10 16:45:09 EST 2005


Checking the integrity of a file before sharing it is logical
behaviour of BitTorrent. But, on the other hand, it is also kind of
annoying, having to wait until the file is fully scanned. It also
costs a lot of disk bandwidth, a device that has to deal already with
quite a lot of 'contention' for seeking opeations on it.

So, I was thinking: would it be cool to find a filesystem and API,
that is more advanced than the basic open/read/write/append/close
behaviour we seen unchanged since the 70's ? 

Things like:
- Integrity checks on chunks of a file, signatures of an application 
  that has written part of a file, and kernel guarantees that only you 
  have access to a file, until you 'unlock' the file for usage by other 
- Transactional file modifications in chunks, queing up transactions,
  prioritizing them, optimizing a filesystem for the anticipated size
  of a file before even a single byte is written.

- Other things that make development of other applications that are
  easier to build with proper locking. Think of circular disk buffers,
  editing video, copying (chunks of) files without having to move 
  data around on the filesystem, etc.
- Maybe this is more for a filesystem mailinglist than bittorrent :)

Just some raw idea's...


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