[BitTorrent] Re: Request for protocol extension: get_info/info

Bill Cox bill at viasic.com
Thu Jan 20 06:55:18 EST 2005

> The fact that people might not keep the packed form is something I hadnt
> thought about. This is not the case if you use loopback file system images
> (so long as they dont need to be compressed too) - I quite like the way
> MacOS X uses ISO images and other loop fs images all over the place. Of
> course I have no idea if Windows supports them well, and Linux doesnt
> make it convenient for non root users (though this should be fixed really).
> Not sure how much tracker overhead is, really not sure how many files
> the average torrent is, I think the number is generally small.
> Justin

Hi, Justin.

There is a linux module called fuse: http://fuse.sourceforge.net/

It makes user-space file systems a snap.

I was thinking of using it to create a virtual file system for torrent
files.  After mounting one, you could ls them, and cd to them, but if
you read the data in a file, it'd go get the data from the torrent.  If
a torrent contained other torrent files, these would be sub-dirs.

It sounds cool, and it's easy to do.  I'm just having trouble coming up
with a reason to do it.  One thought is that a user on a Linux system
could mount a directory structure this way that is similar to /usr
or /usr/local.  Rather than having to install software packages, the
first time he tried to use one, it'd automatically download it from a
torrent (possibly after asking if that's ok).

It gets more complicated if the user needs to write to the file system,
which of course he would.


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