[BitTorrent] ipv6

Karst Bjorgson karstbj at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 02:47:13 EST 2005

> > It requires one announce to a tracker to a torrent
> with a swarm of 50 
> > peers to get the victim IPA in the list for 30 -
> 45 minutes.
> > All other peer will announce at least once in
> those 30 minutes and will 
> > get the victim IPA.
> ...
> Decent, but I think completely insufficient.

Maybe it is insufficient, maybe it is not. In any
case, getting IPv6 support on a tracker should not be
a very big issue. Trackers are supposed to not be
behind a NAT, and to have full use of a "clean" IPv4
address. Thus, they meet the requirement for running
the "6to4" protocol, which is supported by Windows XP,
Windows 2003, and most Unix systems.

So, in practice, it makes a lot of sense to assume
that a tracker can have "dual stack" support for IPv4
& IPv6. It could conceivably advertise an IPv4 address
in the DNS, accept declaration of IPv6 addresses, and
run a connectivity test over IPv6.

In fact, even if the system does not support IPv6, it
should still be possible to hack an IPv6 connectivity
test by handcoding IPv6 packets and sending them over
a raw socket.

-- Karst

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