[BitTorrent] Bittorrent and filesystem API / integration

Nick Johnson arachnid at notdot.net
Wed Jan 12 16:55:48 EST 2005

Jesus Cea wrote:

>Nick Johnson wrote:
>>For example, you could, when allocating files, create a temporary 
>>(hidden) file in the same directory that contains the bitmap for the 
>>torrent. Before starting, check the mtime on the bitmap file is at least 
>>as recent as the most recent of the torrent files, and if so, use it 
>>instead of hashing the whole thing manually.
>All these schemas fails if you have a power surge and the OS "write" 
>operation is asyncronous, like any modern Operating System.
No, that's why I stated that you should check the mtime of the bitmap 
versus the files it concerns before starting. As long as the program 
ensures it flushes its buffers for the files before writing the updated 
bitmap, you know that if the bitmap is newer than the files, it is valid.

Databases do this all the time with transaction logs just fine.

-Nick Johnson

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