[BitTorrent] ipv6

Justin Cormack justin at street-vision.com
Mon Jan 24 08:22:13 EST 2005

> Justin Cormack wrote:
> > 
> > I am not sure if you need to, as presumably any ipv6 capable client would
> > connect to the tracker by ipv6 if possible, and then could then just be
> > fed ipv6 addresses (including compatibility ipv4 addresses for ipv4 hosts),
> > while anyone making an ipv4 connection presumably cant cope with ipv6
> > addresses. But I need to test this. Will look at what the code does.
> The problem is that if an ipv6 client isn't able to connect to the 
> tracker through ipv6 (either by not having a ipv6 route or the tracker 
> isn't on an ipv6 network at all) you will make the wrong assumption 
> about its capabilities.

Ah but as almost all trackers get the IP addresses from the connect socket
addresses (eg not the specified ip address field whose use is peculiar to
say the least), then a tracker that doesnt listen on ipv6 cant really
support ipv6 peers anyway. Most address lookups should give ipv6 addresses
first where they exist (I think), so it should just work. Its not entirely
clear though (something to cover in spec...)


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