[BitTorrent] Torrent Exchange Protocol

J Duncan jason at jasond.org
Fri Jan 7 10:00:58 EST 2005

Why does everyone want to destroy what BT is and what it does. You 
people need to go write your own BT derived PIRATE protocol. because all 
these additions you guys keep trying to sell are solutions to problems 
that do not exist! and quite frankly this "torrent exchange" scheme is 
insanely dumb, no offense.

seriously folks, you need to step back, see what BT is, what it is not, 
and then roll your own system - because all you really want to do is 
break bit torrent.

just a note, an optimal solution would be to implement backend tools to 
assist bit torrent in doing what it does best - then you could 
eventually roll these into custom bt-derived tools if desired. for 
example we keep seeing people wanting to crap all over the beauty of the 
bt protocol to create a "trackerless" distributed network for the 
peerlists... well how about instead of breaking BT you create a SEPERATE 
app - a distributed p2p system that does nothing but sit on a local 
machine and create a gigantic distributed tracker that tracks any 
arbitrary hash - then just force all your torrent announces (from 
whatever bt client you like) to localhost. theres also been some 
interesting comments about using the other less superior p2p (pirate) 
protocols for sharing, searching, and managing only TORRENTS themselves. 
and there are other solutions,

 so please stop trying to destroy bit torrent

k thx

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