[BitTorrent] preventing unauthorized bittorrent peers?

Alex bittorrent at networkessence.net
Mon Jan 24 15:49:49 EST 2005

There are ways of doing this but there isn't an implementation (which 
I'm aware of). You could modify the client to support ssl ands certs as 
you wish, but the peer connectivity would be more involved. You'd be 
much better off encapsulating a security mechanism (eg, encrypt the 
content) than to depend on bittorrent in this manner. Also, you're 
'educated guess' would have to be a bit more involved.

BitTorrent is for distributing large files efficiently.

On Jan 24, 2005, at 10:19 AM, David Wilburn wrote:

> I have a funny security question regarding the bittorrent protocol that
> I hope you will answer.
> If an organization decided to internally share sensitive documents and
> data via a private bittorrent tracker, would it be possible for an
> outsider to download that file from peers even when they can't connect
> to the tracker?
> Such a scenario might happen when you have a laptop user in the
> workplace who downloads several sensitive documents, then goes home and
> happens to have the bittorrent client up while connected to his home
> ISP.  What's to stop a malicious person from taking an educated guess 
> at
> the IP address, client listening port, and file indexes, and then
> connecting and downloading the files?  Is there any way to restrict
> unwanted peers to prevent this, such as some sort of mutually
> authenticating kerberos-like token given to each peer by the tracker?
> Thanks,
> David Wilburn
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