[BitTorrent] Torrent Exchange Protocol

Marcel Popescu mdpopescu at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 07:25:16 EST 2005

> From: J Duncan [mailto:jason at jasond.org]

> well look im sorry if i was a bit harsh, I didnt mean to come off so
> mean. But you are still completely missing the point - everything you
> are discussing is related to PIRATE CONTENT!

I'm sick to the point of vomiting of this label. Pirates killed people. We
copy OUR OWN stuff, which we paid for. RIAA and MPAA use government money
(which is obtained through extortion) to enforce their laws. Which one is
more akin to pirates again?

> "Bit Torrent" has nothing
> to do with any of that - none of what you just listed is a problem.

Yes, it is a problem for people actually using the damn thing.

> i think some of these ideas are great - just dont expect any of that to
> be called "bit torrent"

My initial comment was about something called "permaseed", and something
called "osprey".


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