[BitTorrent] Torrent Exchange Protocol

Marcel Popescu mdpopescu at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 07:23:19 EST 2005

> From: Mike Ravkine [mailto:krypt at mountaincable.net]

> a) These sites were using the BT protocol to spread copyrighted
> information. The copyright owners came and shut them down.  What's wrong
> here again?

The idea of copyright.

> There are many arguments one could use against copyright (such as it's
> extention to lifetime+infinity), but as it sits it is a law.

Which is rather irrelevant. Slavery was a law even a while after most people
decided it was a bad idea. Jim Crow laws were laws even a while after most
people decided they were a bad idea. Really bad laws are almost never
changed "within the system", they are almost always changed because people
break them.

>  I believe
> that it's a law that does substantially more damage then it does good,
> but that's for the supreme court to eventually decide.

Only for non-thinking americans (pardon the pleonasm).


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