[BitTorrent] Dynamic trackers idea

Harold Feit - Depthstrike.com Administrator dwknight at depthstrike.com
Tue Jan 4 13:22:51 EST 2005

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BitTorrent is primarily intended for content providers (be they game
developers, video distributors, or operating system developers) to
distribute large content at a reduced cost. Trackers for these major
legal uses are usually EXTREMELY stable and typically do not need
replacing, so dynamic trackers are useless here.

BitTorrent is trying to separate it from the "classic" p2p networks
like fasttrack (currently only used by kazaa as far as I know). Your
suggested dynamic trackers will simply turn BitTorrent into just
another p2p network, not a unique technology. It may be the way that
BT is going for version 2, but for the current protocol, dynamic
trackers aren't needed.

All other attempts to decentralize BT by either turning peers into
trackers or attempting to eliminate the tracker as the exclusive
entry point into a swarm are happening outside of official
development. I don't know exactly how endorsed they are, but I
personally do not feel the need for either project at this time since
there are already other services filling that need.

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I don't recall mentioning any crippling (or even any that would be
considered moderate) problems relating to my configuration. If you
could point out what you think they are, I'd be glad to answer them.

Currently, my only problems are considered mere inconviences (since
it takes less than 3 minutes to authorize a torrent across my current
5-tracker network).

The last time I had a major problem with any of my trackers was in
March of 2004 when I first deployed the tracker network because my
lone tracker could not handle the strain I was putting it under.

Additionally, in order to add new trackers to my current network, it
takes approximately 20 minutes to:
1> prepare the tracker (compile the tracker, write the configuration
file, and upload allowed directory, usually all done at the same
2> link the new tracker (authorize on the tracker hub, also done at
the same time as the preparation of the new tracker)
3> activate, and add to the rotation (modify the configuration for
the php script).

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Hey guys,

I think that you didn't get very well my idea.
I know that multiple trackers have been around for some time, but my
idea is to make them dynamic, i.e. created on demand, exactly to
"problems" like the one Harold is having.

Actually i've been reading a bit more and discovered that this would
eb the same idea that is behind fastracks' Supernodes.

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