[BitTorrent] An alternative "super-seed" mode

Harold Feit - Depthstrike.com Administrator dwknight at depthstrike.com
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The primary reason for limiting what pieces a peer sees from a
superseed is to limit what pieces that peer will attempt to request
from the superseed.

It's better for the seed to prevent the piece requests from ever
happening than to ignore the piece requests. A superseed that tells
clients that it has everything will be hammered by piece requests
that will be completely ignored far more than a superseed that tells
clients it has next to nothing (especially on torrents with a large
number of pieces).

The only change that I would make to the current superseed algorithm
is to change from only telling the peer about 1 piece to telling the
peers about all the rarest pieces equally and be willing to give them
out (so that when a piece is given and seen, that piece disappears
from the superseed's completion until it's rarest again).

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Now I have a question. I'm very interested in implementing a
algorithm in current BT standard client, as simple as possible, and I
don't understand the reason for some details in the original

In the original, the superseed doesn't announce any pieces to peers 
initially, disclosing them slowly in order to force the peers to 
download "selected" pieces (least shared, fundamentally).

Is that the only reason for selectively peer disclosing?

Since the seeder can just ignore piece requests, it's most simple
announce the full piece set and selective choose to accept or ignore 
piece request. Efficiency could be not so good compared to "real" 
super-seed but the code seems fairly simpler.

Comments, please :-). Thanks for your time and attention.

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