[BitTorrent] Torrent Exchange Protocol

Mike Ravkine krypt at mountaincable.net
Sun Jan 9 11:09:15 EST 2005

a) These sites were using the BT protocol to spread copyrighted 
information. The copyright owners came and shut them down.  What's wrong 
here again?

b) Nobody said "this service" was supposed to be free.  BT is a file 
distribution mechanism.  It doesn't care if you paid for the file or not.

c) Get a pop-up blocker.

Finally, I'm not sure if you're mature enough to realize this, but the 
agencies must be kept happy as well.

There are many arguments one could use against copyright (such as it's 
extention to lifetime+infinity), but as it sits it is a law.  I believe 
that it's a law that does substantially more damage then it does good, 
but that's for the supreme court to eventually decide.


Aykut Akyon wrote:

>Is Jason Duncan's comments are right? Do you people want to destroy BT? I don't fully agree with these comments. Because:
>a) Some tracker websites are closed, or closing down. I, personally, had three seperate downloads, all of them were around 75-80% downloaded, and the tracker site (www.demonoid.com) is closed. Now, from where I am going to find them again? Isn't it a pity that me and my computer spent some time to download that much data for nothing?
>b) Some of the tracker sites are charging money for their services. Isn't this service supposed to be free through the internet? I agree, to keep up a site needs money. This is where the donations comes in; or, maybe a few, reasonable advertisements.
>c) Some other sites uses a lot of pop-up's, which irritates me. Or, even relays you to other sites which has nothing to do with Torrents.
>I am sure many of you have faced with these things.
>That is why I, sort of, agree with the guys who try to find a way to cut down, sort of, the tracker monopoly. Clients, after obtaining the data from a reliable torrent source, should be able to communicate with each other in the case of a closed tracker site so uploads and downloads can continue. Seeders should continue to upload their seeds via their own reliable tracker, I believe, this way, the tracker site will not be by-passed.
>I, personally, was very found of demonoid.com. He did a marvellous job. I hope he will find the two sites that he is seeking, in order to continue what he did up to now. Anybody who is interested please visit his site to learn more about what he is seeking.
>I hope, you guys who try to find a new way for a distribution network, will find a way so everybody will be happy; trackers, clients, etc. (except some agencies!!!).
>Regards to all

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