[BitTorrent] BitTorrent File System ideas

Bill Cox bill at viasic.com
Fri Jan 21 10:25:24 EST 2005

I thought a bit more about making a fuse based virtual file system for
BitTorrent.  If there are no objections, how about calling the idea
BTFS, for BitTorrent File System?

A directory in BTFS would simply be a torrent file.  Files within the
directory are just the files in the torrent.  Files would read-only,
world readable, and only directories are executable.  It would be
desirable to enhance this, but it may require extensions to BT.

A sub-directory is just an embedded .torrent file in a torrent. You can
cd to it and ls it, without downloading the torrent data, but if you
read a file, it will go get the needed data from the torrrent.

Link – This is a new file type, but does not extend the BT protocol.
Instead, BTFS clients would read these files and act on them.  They are
recognized from their extension: .btlink.  It's content is a bencoded
dictionary containing the following keys:

urls – List of URLs where the torrent file may be found.

signature – Optional. RSA signature of the author of the torrent file.
If this key is present, then the .torrent file must also be signed to be
opened. This key allows an author of a sub-directory to change it's
data, but still prove that it's his.

What do you think?


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