[BitTorrent] Re: RFC: Creative Commons license for BitTorrent

antipast0 at yahoo.com antipast0 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 23 22:29:15 EST 2005

I've created goals / use cases for the CC mailing list, so I ought to
put them here as well:

1. To identify a BitTorrent distribution act as Creative Commons licensed.

2. To provide the proper metadata associated with that (deriv, source,

3. To allow people the ability to easily note the CC license during
the act of creating the .torrent along-side of the tracker, and files.

4. To foster the commons in using BitTorrent as a means of
distribution that allows them more reach than their existing bandwidth
can realize, and proportionally so with demand.

Use cases:
1. A tool for creating a .torrent file where the user could go ahead
and apply a license to all of the work as a collection.

2. Downloading content through BitTorrent and being assured of your
legal rights to do so (as well as your legal right to allow uploads
back to the swarm)

3. Creating a site where you can be assured that .torrents coming in
for submission to be published on your site (*and* to use the site's
BitTorrent tracker)  can programatically look for the license before
the work can be published (to keep the site admin's safe)

4. Auditing tracker use according to license, tracing back use of a
tracker back to licensee in case of dispute.

Thank you,

winningham at gmail.com

--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, antipast0 at y... wrote:
> Please see:
> In short, I am requesting all comments about this method.
> The purpose is to allow BitTorrent's meta data to also describe the
> Creative Commons license metadata of the content being transferred.
> The developer documentation also notes that this should happen along
> with Bram's consent so as to remain compatible.
> It has been my experience that most clients ignore the beconded
> dictionary items that they are not looking for, but please, Bram, if
> reading, let me know what you need, or a quick yay/nay just to let me
> know that this is okay.
> Please reply with any comments or corrections or flames. You can also
> reply on the page, or to me directly.
> Thank you,
> Thomas Winningham

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