[BitTorrent] An alternative "super-seed" mode

Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Sun Jan 30 10:33:38 EST 2005

Mike Ravkine wrote:
> Uhhh... how about.. No?
> If you're receiving less pieces then someone else, it's because you're 
> sending SLOWER then them, and everyone is (rightfully) sending to him 
> and not to you.  He has more upload capacity, so he gets to download the 
> file first. 
> Nick's observation is totally correct..you're favoring peers that don't 
> contribute to the swarm.

Uhmm. I see your point now. The problem is visible in big swarms, when 
the choking algoritm activates.

When the swarm is small, the choke is not running and sending speed is 
limited by upload bandwidth, my original point.

Now understand. Thanks, both of you.

Now I have a question. I'm very interested in implementing a "superseed" 
algorithm in current BT standard client, as simple as possible, and I 
don't understand the reason for some details in the original superseed 

In the original, the superseed doesn't announce any pieces to peers 
initially, disclosing them slowly in order to force the peers to 
download "selected" pieces (least shared, fundamentally).

Is that the only reason for selectively peer disclosing?

Since the seeder can just ignore piece requests, it's most simple just 
announce the full piece set and selective choose to accept or ignore 
piece request. Efficiency could be not so good compared to "real" 
super-seed but the code seems fairly simpler.

Comments, please :-). Thanks for your time and attention.

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