[BitTorrent] UPnP, NATs, and P2P

Justin Cormack justin at street-vision.com
Mon Feb 14 08:10:30 EST 2005

> Bill Cox wrote:
> >>From what I can tell, enabling UPnP on NAT enabled gateway is not
> > currently a good idea.  There are too many computers with spy-ware and
> > worse, and allowing those applications to open ports through your fire-
> > wall is risky.
> I hope you don't consider a computer with spyware safe and secure. NAT 
> or no NAT.

Agree here. If someone can install spyware or get you to, its too late to
worry about security, you are already gone.
> > The problem this causes is that P2P enabled applications like BitTorrent
> > aren't able to contact peers behind NATs unless the users are computer-
> > savvy enough to forward a BitTorrent port.
> > 
> > Is this a long-term problem, or is there some solution out there?  IPv6
> > wont do it: we don't use NATs just to save IP address space, we use NATs
> > for security.

IPv6 is part of the solution, at least machines are addressable. You can still
filter just as much as you like on the firewall.

Clearly there is no solution that works with NAT, if the firewall is setup
in any way sensibly.

The same problem is there with voip, its a real pain configuring phones when
there is nat. The one I got tried to use STUN but it simply doesnt work, 
yo have to forward ports manually.

I think P2P, VOIP and mobile phones will be what forces adoption of ipv6.

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