[BitTorrent] Re: UPnP, NATs, and P2P

jaxe02 jaxe02 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 03:50:33 EST 2005

--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, Justin Cormack <justin at s...> wrote:

> Reading the docs, I see it basically works in those situations under
> which STUN works ie sometimes, mostly if you have a really dumb NAT
> box (not a Unix machine).
Some years ago (when the mechanism was still known as shipworm) I read
the whole specs
and they claimed to work with most NATs - never tested anyway to see
if it's true ;-)

> Also if you want to talk to real IPv6 hosts all traffic has to pass
> a server. (just using it for NAT traversal you can talk directly if it 
> works at all - no one has decided to procide open NAT relay servers). I
> suspect that this part of the infrastructure wont last long unless core
> ipv6 routers decide to support it.
Definitely yes (just like 6to4) - of course this is a sort of bandaid,
as long as native IPv6 is not so widespread: I don't think it is
expected to scale very well if it should be used by too many users...

> Who is providing the servers?
For example Microsoft themselves, or Consulintel:
(see http://www.mail-archive.com/users@ipv6.org/msg01819.html)


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