[BitTorrent] IPv6 and compact tracker response

Mike Ravkine krypt at mountaincable.net
Sun Feb 13 21:08:48 EST 2005

Compact IPv6 is a good idea.  Using the same key for IPv4 addresses, 
however, is a bad idea.

The whole purpose of compact is to save bandwidth. Prefixing every IPv4 
address with 12 useless bytes goes directly against this.


Paulo S Silva Jr wrote:

>Greetings Programs,
>A few days ago, I read about the problem that is sending an IPv6 
>address in a compact form. I've made some digging and I think I 
>found a way to send an IPv6 address in a compact manner.
>According to RFC 2553 the IPv6 address is an unique 16 bytes address.
>So if we create an "peers_ipv6" only in conjunction with a "compact" 
>request that would have all the IPv6 peers addresses in the same way 
>we use "peers" in IPv4.
>Further more, we could use the same "peers_ipv6" as the same RPF 
>2553 states how an IPv4 address sould be represented as an IPv6 
>An example:
>assuming the ficticious IPv6 address 
>1002:1035:4527:3546:7854:1237:3247:3217 and port 6881 we'd have 
>a "peers_ipv6" with 18 bytes length value of "0x10 0x02 0x10 0x35 
>0x45 0x27 0x35 0x46 0x78 0x54 0x12 0x37 0x32 0x47 0x32 0x17 0x1A 
>The IPv4 in this sintax is represented with the prefix 
>0:0:0:0:0:FFFF thus the address will be 0:0:0:0:0:FFFF:0A0A:0A05. 
>And represented likely in the "peers_ipv6"

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