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Olaf van der Spek OvdSpek at LIACS.NL
Wed Feb 9 06:12:16 EST 2005

Justin Cormack wrote:
>>Justin Cormack wrote:
>>>Olavs protcol lets you request in 32k chunks (and verify) but you can only
>>>send have messages in this predetermined size set by whover made the
>>>torrent. Lets junk the fixed piece size, and see what the options are.
>>How often do I have to point out the chunk_have mssage?
> You dont give any strategy for when to use it, and you suggested that 
> basically clients were expected to use the piece have message, so I ignored it.

In most of the cases, yes. That doesn't mean it's not there when needed 
(begin game mode).

>>>Here is one suggestion
>>>Lets change the have (and request etc) messages to look like
>>>uint32_t clen
>>>uint8_t message_type
>>>uint8_t log
>>>uint32_t piece
>>Should response messages still match request messages or are you allowed 
>>to send only part of the requested range?
> Thats an inetresting one. I was assuming they matched (hence my suggestion
> to modify the unchoke to say how much you would be allowed). You could
> also allow them to differ and use this to measure how much you are being
> choked. I think either way giving clients this information about choking
> is a good thing.
>>>Now this doesnt buy us anything if we send a have message after each chunk,
>>>but we now have the ability to dynamically vary piece size. First thing we
>>>think about is how large a piece can we request in one go. Clearly if we
>>>request really big pieces (the whole file!) we send fewer have messages but
>>>increase the latency of them.
>>What's the definition of latency here?
> Latency is the time between when you download something (the minimum
> downloadable unit) and when you announce a have so another client can get it
> from you. It clearly has a major effect on throughput. Note the BT1 way of

Clearly? Why?

> having a minimum downloadable unit (chunk) smaller than the verifiable unit
> unavoidably increases latency, probably by too much or the endgame stuff
> wouldnt be needed.

As far as I know, end game mode has nothing to do with have messages.

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