[BitTorrent] Re: Some complement about Tracker-tracker communication

guanying_wang guanying_wang at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Feb 23 03:36:55 EST 2005

Sorry to bother you. Actually I asked here first, and then there. But
due to the moderate problem, this post appeared later :)

I think maybe I can help with some implementation, about "upload once,
all trackers aware" I mentioned on BNBT forum. How do you think?

Say if I operate 10 or even more trackers linked together, users have
to publish torrent file on every tracker, or the unpublished trackers
are not in use at all. It's terrible, isn't it? So I really want to
connect trackers to act just like one.


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> Right now there is no specification document for the BNBT link
> protocol.
> I actually answered this question on the BNBT forums. (reference:
> http://bnbt.depthstrike.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=754)
> I'll see about getting a specification document ready when the new
> protocol is implemented.
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> communication
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> Harold,
> I have tried BNBT Trinity Edition, it really works, great! Is there
> any specification on communication between trackers? With a
> specification, different tracker implementations can communicate with
> each other. 
> Guanying
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