[BitTorrent] Kenosis: BT tracker failover / distribution

Gary Fung gary at isohunt.com
Tue Feb 1 20:00:55 EST 2005

Hi all,

Came across Kenosis:

 From TFA:

"Kenosis is a fully-distributed peer-to-peer RPC system built on top of XMLRPC. Nodes are automatically connected to each other via a Kademlia-style network and can route RPC requests efficiently to any online node. Kenosis does not rely on a central server; any Kenosis node can effectively join the network ("bootstrap") from any connected node."

"How does Kenosis-enabled BitTorrent work?

There are two cases to consider: legacy BitTorrent clients and Kenosis-enabled BitTorrent clients. In either case, imagine we have two Kenosis-enabled BitTorrent trackers being run on machines TA and TB (both on port 1234). Machines TA and TB automatically organize themselves into a Kademlia-style network via Kenosis. Let's further imagine a file being shared by the operator of TA, called FA. FA's .torrent file is constructed to talk to this tracker URL: http://foo.bt.kenosisp2p.org:1234/announce.

For Kenosis-enabled BitTorrent clients:
1. The client is asked to download the .torrent file for FA.
2. The client discovers the embedded URL http://foo.bt.kenosisp2p.org:1234/announce. Based on this URL, the client calculates a node address (NA) in the Kenosis network based on the sha1 hash of the key "foo".
3. The client does a Kenosis lookup for NA. Assume that FA is the closest node in the Kenosis network for node address NA. The client connects to the tracker on TA (port 1234) and downloads FA as normal.

For legacy BitTorrent clients:
1. The client is asked to download the .torrent file for FA.
2. The client does a DNS lookup on the URL http://foo.bt.kenosisp2p.org:1234/announce. The Kenosis-DNS bridge returns the IP address of FA.
3. The client proceeds to download FA as normal."

Their DNS bridge is what I'm doing with http://{hash}.bthub.com:{port}/announce tracker redirections. Kenosis is written in python, so it maybe worthwhile to investigate this as an extension, towards distributed BT trackers.


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