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Bill Cox bill at viasic.com
Thu Feb 10 08:24:20 EST 2005

> > I agree with the testing part.  Olaf's got a clean, simple
> > implementation of Merkle hash trees.  The only major departure from it
> > that I see might be dynamic piece size.  I'd be up for testing out if
> > you want, just to see how it goes.
> I will look into making a BT simulator. I dont have enough spare machines
> to make a decent size cluster at the moment, so I will look at how to 
> simulate low bandwidth links between processes on a single Linux box. Not
> sure how soon I can get that running though. It would be good to have 
> replicatable realistic simulations with measures of overhead and timing.

Some simple code in the client could make the simulation fairly
realistic.  In particular, most clients (including mine) have an upload
bandwidth limit option.  A download bandwidth option would be pretty
easy, and a series queue between the socket and the message queue could
emulate latency.  However, so far, I haven't found latency to be a
significant issue, so long as you queue up a few requests when unchoked.

One of the two main reasons I wrote a client was to have a test-bench
that I'm very familiar with to try out P2P ideas.  I feel very strongly
about coding and testing extensions as part of the process of making

Not that trackers are hard to come by, but I could set up a tracker and
seed from home specifically for testing BT extensions if that would
help.  I already do that for my own testing (using Azureus).


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