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Subject: 	Best switches for Lan Parties.


In my country have great success the so called 'lan parties', a few
days meeting where people make a local lan to meet, play, compete, and
share experiences and contents.

Lan Parties suffer from the same bandwith bottlenecks than internet
when someone has something that all the people want.
The situation is even worse because of the short time the party goes

I'm trying to set up a content distribution system for such
The contents I'm talking about are mainly Wellcome Pack CD, free Linux
ISO's, and big noncommercial demos made by the participants

The idea is to share one CD on the lan every few minutes (2?).
The sheduling is published as a time-title list in a web page of the
intranet server, with the torrents.
After browsing that list, and having got the torrents, people use a
suitable client to queue the downloads of the list they are
interested in.

I'm actually using the last version of BitTornado python sources over
Linux, for the tracker and the (super)seeder.
The sheduling is made by an own written python script, who above other
things, starts and stops every superseeder at its sheduled time.
Clients can use ABC, available on many platforms, and able of queued
and simultaneos downloads.

But the problem is the superseeder takes a lot to start sending, and
its speed it's only a fraction of the bandwith available, specially
when the are only one or two clients.
So at last one CD takes more than 10/20/30 minutes to propagate in the
net, which is inadmisible in a lan party context.
(Teoretically, and in practice with other systems, one can send a CD
in 1 single minute).
I though that is because the original system is actually tunned for a
internet/ADSL connections rather for a local lan.

The question
So the question is:

What are the best switches
(comand line parameters, source code constants),
to transmit a CD in -say- 2 minutes
in an 100Mb ethernet lan
with one (super)seeder
and 1 to 1000 clients?

How can the process start faster,
once the seeder appears in the lan?

I am actually doing tests, but they are time and patience expensive,
and need more workstations than actually have.

So guru answers will be very apreciated.
I guess many people are/will be interested in that answers.

Thank you.


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