[BitTorrent] Unsolicited recruiting for BT2-like development, wtf?

Elliott Mitchell ehem at m5p.com
Mon Feb 7 18:41:36 EST 2005

>From: Blue Boar <BlueBoar at thievco.com>
> Vitenka wrote:
> > Since we're already discussing it - did it sound shady to you?  I can't 
> > seem to figure out what they actually DO - although producing a clone of 
> > what steam promised to be when it snapped up Bram seems a reasonable aim.
> I happened to have brought this to Bram's attention when I got it.  Bram 
> indicated that he didn't get a copy.  I mailed Travis asking where he 
> got my email, and got this in reply:
> "I sent this to friends, colleagues, and others I've seen participate in the
> P2P space.  Do you have any interest in getting involved?
> Travis"
> So, generally, I find it a bit shady.  I was somewhat concerned that he 
> was harvesting the bittorrent_help list, since that's the one I run. 
> This list was my second guess.

Certainly folks on this list are much more likely to be interested in a
job with a P2P involved company than a random sample of netizens. Doesn't
strike me as unreasonable subset of people to talk to.

> A couple of other interesting points:  You'll notice that the note was 
> worded like a mailing list post, i.e. not addressed to any one person. 
> You'll notice that he's calling for a number of items that aren't in the 
> collective BitTorrent yet, possibly indicating that he's trying to make 
> a proprietary version or fork.

>From my reading of it, I'm pretty sure that is precisely what he intends.
A proprietary piece of software similar to BT. Might of chosen to avoid
Bram as he might of insisted on remaining Open Source.

> And someone pointed out this item:
> http://comments.fuckedcompany.com/phpcomments/index.php?newsid=110045&sid=1&page=1&parentid=0&crapfilter=1

Doesn't look too interesting, though I note this sounds exactly like my
guess above.

Just in case you didn't guess, I also received a copy.

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