[BitTorrent] Re: IPv6 and compact tracker response

Paulo S Silva Jr mstrcontrol at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 15 20:41:16 EST 2005

Greetings Programs,

--- In BitTorrent at yahoogroups.com, "jaxe02" <jaxe02 at y...> wrote:
> While the "peers_ipv6" idea seems imho reasonable, I've got a few
> comments on the last part of your proposal:
> -RFC2553 is now obsoleted by RFC3493;

Thanks. I had not seen the obsolescence of RFC2553 (it's not listed 
as obsolete at http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc-obsolete.html).

> -IPv4-mapped addresses (the ones like ::FFFF:x.y.w.z) should never 
> on the wire: they are used for internal representation only, to 
> an IPv4 address in the IPv6 stack;
> -IPv4-compatible addresses (another class of IPv6 addresses with
> embedded IPv4 addresses, which look like ::x.y.w.z) are used for 
> automatic tunneling mechanism (which is going to be deprecated), 
so I
> don't think they are ok for the use you suggest either.
> So I would not use the "peers_ipv6" key to convey IPv4 peer
> information - besides, from my point of view, we could simply go on
> using the "peers" key to announce peers with IPv6 addresses too,
> leaving to the client the task of discriminating between IPv4 and 
> addresses they receive.

OK... let's try to wrap it up for good:
- "peers"      : List of IPv4 addresses ONLY ( 6 bytes each)
- "peers_ipv6" : List of IPv6 addresses ONLY (14 bytes each)

> My 2 cents...
> LF


PS: I've posted an explanation of the tracker protocol at 
http://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentTrackerProtocol and would 
appreciate very much your commets.

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