[bittorrent] getting seeders and peers from URL with perl

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Mon Aug 22 00:12:14 EDT 2005

Dinesh Prasad wrote:

> On very rare occassions, it will show the seed/peer
> info. However, I've only gotten that to work once.

That's probably because you are only doing a full scrape and not a
partial scrape.  I would imagine that a lot of trackers have full scrape
disabled these days due to bandwidth abuse, but I haven't checked.

I certainly hope that the mailing list mangled your whitespace,
otherwise you seriously need to consider indenting your code properly.

I've been doing this for years with curl and btdump.py which is just a
front-end for the bedecoding routines.  I forgot who wrote it
originally.  See also dehacked's dumptorrent.cgi (or whatever it's


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