[bittorrent] Podcasting via bittorrent

Silvan Zurbruegg silvan at bitflux.ch
Wed Apr 20 05:16:09 EDT 2005


> I've searched back through the archives on this list, but I can't find
> what I'm looking for. Here's my issue: I record a daily podcast which
> runs to about 20Mb. At present, the mp3 is hosted on a web server, and
> I'm paying through the nose for bandwidth.
> What I'd like to do is have the RSS enclosure link to a .torrent file
> rather than a .mp3 file, and then seed the torrent myself. This seems
> reasonably straightforward, except for the fact that I don't seem to
> be able to locate a Bittorent host that is not in danger of being
> summarily shut down or that I don't have to apply for permission to
> post each individual file on a 'legit' server. There are no copyright
> issues on my podcasts - it's just a couple of guys talking.
> Where I'm at now is that I think I want to set up a server and host a
> bittorrent tracker for people like me who just want to podcast without
> breaking the bank on file distribution. It seems that's what
> bittorrent would be best at, and it seems that it would be a nice
> thing to do.
> I may be a bit of a tech geek - but running Python or MySQL scripts on
> a dedicated Apache server would represent an enormous learning curve
> for me, and I'd rather somebody said "Wait! There's no need to go to
> all that trouble - here's the simple way to achieve what you want to
> do..."
> That would be your cue.
> Thoughts?

There's this project called apnaopus that puts a metadata level
over bittorrent. It's tracker is able to generate the torrents
as well as a podcastable rss feed. You can also have the rss
feed according to a search query etc. It comes with its own
little client.
Thing so far is that you can download via azureus and any
bittorrent client but need to initially seed from its own client
since it uses post requests to announce to the tracker.
This issue should be fixed for full compliance soon (afaik) ...

tracker: http://tracker.apnaopus.var.cc:6969/
hp: http://apnaopus.var.cc


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