[bittorrent] packet loss

larytet.8708132 at bloglines.com larytet.8708132 at bloglines.com
Tue Apr 19 22:40:24 EDT 2005

Test between US and UK gives 1% packet loss
350-700 packets lost/44,000
all thanks to justin for opportunity to make cross atlantic testing.

larytet.8708132 at bloglines.com wrote:
i kept UDP session open for ~20 hours.
60 bytes of dummy payload was sent
> every 0.5s across two ISPs. Both ISPs
are in the US. both connections are
> broadband. packet loss is under 0.5%
(~600/130,000). probably real packet
> loss is ~1% because i measured packet
loss according the number of missing
> acks. 
> Is this packet loss
ratio typical for the modern networks ? or is
> it relatively low/high ?

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