[bittorrent] Podcasting via bittorrent

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> I may be a bit of a tech geek - but running Python or MySQL scripts on
> a dedicated Apache server would represent an enormous learning curve
> for me, and I'd rather somebody said "Wait! There's no need to go to
> all that trouble - here's the simple way to achieve what you want to
> do..."

> That would be your cue.

> Thoughts?

The quickest, easiest and probably cheapest way I can think of to do this is 
to signup with Hurricane Electric (http://www.he.net/). Hurricane Electric 
offers BitTorrent hosting for their customers 

Alternatively, if you have a Static IP address (or at least a dynamic DNS 
entry) for whatever reason look into the alternative tracker implementations 
(many on SourceForge) these are often standalone solutions requiring no 
additional webserver.

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