[bittorrent] The size of XML (was: DTD for hashed files)

Justin Cormack justin at street-vision.com
Tue Apr 12 11:38:37 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 10:50 -0500, David P. Mott wrote:
> Here:  http://www.w3.org/2005/01/xmlp-pressrelease
> Read the section on "XOP Allows Efficient Encoding of Binary Data in XML".
> Because data can be stored in binary format, I think that addresses your 
> #2 as well.  I won't argue with your #1, but it's a weak argument against 
> XML.
> So, now, where does that leave us?  Is XML still a bad idea, or is it just 
> different?

It doesnt quite deal with #2 (that was needing fixed format for info),
as although you could attach the whole info blob as a binary attachment,
it would still need to be internally encoded as bencoding.

I wouldnt be against this at all, as they are pretty much equivalent,
the stuff not in the info blob is pretty unimportant (just the tracker
matters really, and there is no reason why your client shouldnt let you
override the supplied tracker anyway).

It doesnt buy you much though if its just this, and the tools to support
this new XML stuff arent there yet.

They had to do something about the binary support eventually, too many
applications needed this.


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