[BitTorrent] perfomance on low resource vps account

astrashe yahoo at strasheim.org
Tue Sep 28 17:33:44 EDT 2004

I'm running the curses version of the original bittorrent client on a
vps (virtual private server) linux account that only has 64MB of ram.

I've had mixed results with it -- sometimes it runs really well, but
most of the time I tend to grind and the virtual machine pulls loads
of 5 or more.  This slows down my uploads, and I think I'm probably
being rude to other vps clients on the same machine.

The big bottleneck on vps accounts seems to be disk usage, and I was
wondering if maybe that could have something to do with what's going
on.  All of the virtual machines compete for the same physical disks,
and it's pretty slow.  It occurs to me that bittorrent probably does a
lot of jumping around within its files, and that might be what's going on.

I am using up all of my RAM, but top says that the python processes
don't soak up too much of it.  That, combined with the comparatively
low total RAM usage of other bittorrent clients on my windows machine,
makes me think that RAM isn't the issue. But I don't really know.

I'm wondering if this just isn't going to work, or if I could use some
command line switches to tweak things, etc.

The win with the vps is for seeding.  I don't get a lot of total
bandwidth with my account, but what I have isn't capped, and if I
could get this to work, I could blow out stuff really quickly.

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