[BitTorrent] More aggressive tit-for-tat

James aoxc01 at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Sep 15 16:52:22 EDT 2004

To the original poster:
How do you know, until after the fact, that you have an anti-social 
leecher? There will always be the selfish ones who take rather than 
give. I have a colleague who says to me that he seeds for 1/2 hour after 
he has taken his download. He claims that he is already +100%. Never 
happened with me except on some very rare occasions, takes me at least 
as long again, often more. However that is him.

For myself. I seed until I get fed up and want to use the computer for 
something else. I am registered with Demonoid (who seems to be down at 
the moment) and my ratio is more than 2:1. Didn't take any effort on my 
part, just left the computer on.
On those occasions when I need to use the computer and I have downloaded 
more than a couple and the two which fished earlier than the third are 
well past and in excess of a total 100%+ for all of the files I feel 
able to pull the plug on those torrents which have a high seed ratio. It 
happens sometimes.

How would you be able to differentiate me from the selfish ones? All you 
see is my upload to you. You have no knowledge of my upload to others. I 
could be getting lots from you but next to sod all from the other 
torrents I am connected to, yet I am seeding them at 20+ kB/s and only 1 
few kB/s to you. How would you know?

 From memory only I cannot recall any torrent which ran at full rate, 
for me, download. In order to maximize my download at above 45-50+ (max 
will be 64kB/s theoretical) I have to take more than one torrent, more 
often than not three. How they feed from from them and how the swarm 
feed from me is (I always thought) under the control of the tracker.

Seems to me that you are missing the point of BitTorrent. Perhaps you 
should read the FAQ again. Perhaps you should look at the general 
principles again. If you retain your attitude you align yourself with 
the selfish ones, except they are ignorant, you are doing it on purpose.
No matter leech from me as much as you wish when we are on the same 
torrent. No skin off my nose the computer is on and doing sod all else 
except collect mail every 15mins or so. Oh! the lights are off while it 
is doing it. I have no idea what it is up to, I'm asleep, or at work.


Arvid Norberg wrote:
> buzmeggroups wrote:
>>Are there any particular parameters I can invoke to be much more
>>aggressive about not playing with pure leechers?
>>I would like to choke off pure leechers at about a factor of 5-10 (ie.
>>if they give me 1KB/s, I will give them up to 5-10KB/s)
> One of the features of libtorrent (libtorrent.sf.net) is to set such a 
> ratio. It does a decent job at maintaining it. The biggest problem is 
> just with big swarms with many peers connecting and disconnecting. 
> Because obviously there has to be a certain amount given "for free" to 
> each peer. It remembers ips to avoid peers abusing this by connecting 
> and disconnecting. But if there are too many peers connecting from 
> different ips, that doesn't help and the ratio may not be maintained.
> There aren't really any finished end-user clients that uses libtorrent 
> yet though.
>>Normally, I'm pretty easygoing about heavy leeching off of my
>>colocated server.  If I allow lots of people to connect, each one
>>normally uploads at least 10KB/s and very shortly the download is
>>humming at 200-300KB/s while my upload is moving at 1MB/s or better.
>>Every now and then, however, I wind up in a swarm which will suck my
>>colocated server dry but not return anything (upload speeds of
>>500KB/s+ with a download of less than 10KB/s total with most of the
>>swarm around 70%),  When that happens, I would like to get very
>>aggressive and put a bandwidth cap on those who suck down more than
>>5KB/s and are below a factor of 10 return.
>>Any suggestions?  Suggestions for places to go looking in the python
>>code are welcome, too.

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