[BitTorrent] Re: Replacing web content.

edavid3001 edavid3001 at primeinc.com
Fri Oct 15 10:04:57 EDT 2004

Yes, I agree it wouldn't be "BitTorrent proper", and it would need
some modification of some of the concepts that define BitTorrent.  
You don't want a user who simply wants to visit a home page to
download a 100Mb file containing the entire site, nor waiting for that.

I'm not thinking of this being a product for Today, but something that
would be more usefull a bit down the road when we have much faster
connection speeds.  There are citys that give their folks 100Mb
ethernet connections to the internet today.  What happens down the
road when we all have 100Mb connections, website main pages are 10Mb
full of rich content, and I have RSS feeds update every second?  Will
we still be surfing the Web as we know it, and just give the
webservers 10Gb NICs and purchase a huge amount of bandwidth, while
that 100Mb P4 3Ghz PC/connection the user has mostly sits Idle?  

TCP/IP has a slow start issues.  Each time you click a link you can
see this.  That is why we have ARP cache/proxy, DNS cache, cached
routing tables, web Proxy cache servers, etc.  If you had one
connection to the actual site tracker, and spread that file bandwidth
out over multiple peers, save the files to cache, then view them from
cache - each link would open up much quicker.

While I agree that one could take the concept of BitTorrent websites
and implement it very poorly, I also think that it could be done in a
way that would be benifitial.  Especially down the road.

The reason I posted was to see if there is any RFC or discussion
boards currently on this topic.  While I can imaging taking the
current source to make this concept a reality would take a skilled
programmer maybe a month or so, working 8 hours 5 days a week
(estimate)  I would imagine the RFC/concept phase could take much longer.

Edwin Davidson

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