[BitTorrent] Support for "announce-list"

Harold Feit - Depthstrike.com Administrator dwknight at depthstrike.com
Fri Oct 8 12:13:25 EDT 2004

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I'll demonstrate an announce list with multiple tiers that have
multiple trackers.

Tier 0: tracker0 tracker1 tracker2
Tier 1: UDPtracker3 UDPtracker4
Tier 2: tracker3 tracker4

We will assume that each tier is already randomized.

First Announce cycle starts:
Tracker0 is tried first
If tracker0 fails, tracker1 is tried.
If tracker1 succeeds, tracker1 becomes tracker0 for next cycle and
the processing stops.
If tracker1 fails, tracker2 is tried.
If tracker2 succeeds, tracker2 becomes tracker0 for next cycle and
the processing stops.
If all trackers in tier0 fail, subsequent tiers are tried in the same
In the case of Tier 1 above, only clients that support UDP can use
them, so they will always fail on all but a handful of clients.

The tiers don't reorganize between announces, so Tier 0 is always
Tier 0 no matter if all the trackers in it fail or not and is always
tried first every cycle. 

That work?

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> I have a copy of the current BitTornado source package if you want
> to  see how the official announce-list handling is done in it.

I rather prefer a good explanation. My time to dig in other people
code is nil.

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